Who we are

White Collar Hippie is about bringing you incredible outdoor and offbeat travel experiences. We want to be surprised, humbled and transformed by the journeys we embark on, and we want you to come along with us.

Join our family of travellers! Come with us on fantastic voyages, showcase your special corner of the world
for others and get inspired to hit the road, over and over!  

What Makes Us AWESOME


We’re all young, urban Indians with restless feet, and we know exactly what you’re looking for. We’re big fans of beautiful places and we love interacting with people – both fellow travellers and locals.  

We think of you as future friends, and we look forward to swapping stories with you around a campfire sometime soon! 

What Makes Us Different

Our focused, immersive experiences are made extraordinary by the hosts we’ve carefully hand-picked to lead them. Each of our Chiefs has a story, a reason why they take you exploring – and they’re a big part of makes our trips like nothing else you’ll find.

We believe that everyone has their own reason for travelling, and while every White Collar Hippie trip is curated, there’s plenty of space for you to do your own thing, as well!

We’re also looking for people who’ve got a fantastic journey that they’re itching to take others on, so if you’re one of those, let us know!