Meet the gang 

Vikrant Chedda

Vikrant Chheda

Often seen: Taking beautiful photographs (that no-one’s allowed to see), climbing mountains in flip-flops, in a magnificent beard (he think’s shaving’s a sin), & travelling without reservations.

Vikrant’s like the multi-faceted mountains he loves so much – flamboyant and calm, opinionated and quiet, spiritual and silly, sometimes difficult, but always ready for the next hill. For him, travelling is all about the uncharted experiences (though a beautiful destination won’t hurt). His credo is simple: A tourist sees what he came to see; a traveller sees what he sees.


Anuradha Mehta

Often seen: Exploring the indie music scene, trying to go full vegan, dancing to Bollywood numbers.  

Anuradha worked in writing, research & production before coming in as Head of Trips. She’s passionate about creating a sustainable planet, mental health, and travel (not necessarily in that order!). When she’s not making elaborate trip schedules (and then tossing them when she arrives), she can be found re-reading her favourite books or programming for Bandcamp's  next season.


Niraali Parekh

Often seen: Cooking world cuisine, plotting the next fitness goal and going on trips with adventure sports.

Our design genius Niraali is a student of Spanish and an avid traveller. Her passion for new experiences – products, ideas, or challenges – led her to becoming an advisor at White Collar Hippie. She manages the design and UX/UI design along with the strategic direction of the company, and is often the sole voice of reason to be found!