• Simply Breathe Adventure 4.0

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    28 Oct, 2018

  • Trip Length

    7 Days

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  • Location

    Rasdhoo, Maldives

Our holiday in the Maldives gives you a chance to disconnect from the barrage of emails, to-do lists and urban humdrum. Gently flow with the rhythm of nature on tiny Rasdhoo, let your feet make love to sandy shores, release your fears and allow your soul to plunge into the deep blue. The marine life always turns up to say hello; friendly sharks, little clown fish, flirty unicorn fish and if you are lucky, the Manta or the Dolphin may inspire you! Afternoons are lazy- read a book that’s been wanting your attention or curl up in a little ball and nap. Evenings we sit together in the lap of a loving circle. This is a space to not only bond with each other but with yourself too. We will enjoy soulful practices that take you to the depths of stillness and tap into an endless flow of love. You will feel what the joy of being really is. We also give thanks to the Island and Ocean by cleaning up a beach we’ve been cleaning for a year.

Meet your host

‘Simply Breathe’ happened when a Banker, a Counselling Psychologist and an Underwater Photographer got together. Karan Mehta, Michelle Faye Pereira and Bhushan Bagadia have been friends for a long time. Their life purposes converged when they realised their common love for the Ocean, The Planet and working towards the greater good. They decided to create a space to share experiences that touched their hearts and transformed them, be it scuba diving, compassionate living or mindfulness meditation. Michelle will take you on the mindfulness journey; you will need to put up with some of her bad jokes though :-) Karan will facilitate conversations on conservation, in his hope for us to be more compassionate. He is the organized one, we call him our Boss Man. Bhushan is guaranteed to help you fall madly in love with the Ocean. He takes beautiful and candid photos.. the way he sees you will lead you to love yourself a little more!

Karan, Michelle, Bhushan

Simply Breathe

Trip Highlights

What makes this trip different!

Enjoy the real Maldives by staying on a local Island. Connect to a world that’s in sync with nature. Give yourself a technology free break. Reconnect with life as its flowing. 

Each evening Michelle leads sessions that will teach you ways to practice meditation and practical tools to discover joy and peace. These sessions also give you a chance to share stories and connect with the group. She is all about heart and soul connections.   

Nothing can prepare you for the underwater beauty that is in the Maldives. You will enjoy them when you dive or snorkel.

The colours, the beauty and plenty of marine life will take your breath away.  


Bhushan and Karan lead conversations on how we can care for the planet a little more. A lot of learning takes place when we get together under the stars and chat about loving the Planet! 

You get to take home plenty of magical memories and also gorgeous photos shot by Bhushan, who is an award-winning underwater photographer!



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