• Paint by the Sea

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    14 Jan, 2019

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    3 Days

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    Adgaon, Velas

This trip is all about being immersed in an art experience in a small village community. Imagine this: a lesser-known fishermen’s hamlet by the coast where we’ll stay, eat and chill like the locals and bring out our artistic sides while contributing to capturing the essence of the place in visual from. Adgaon is a small, beach facing, 1-kilometre long settlement along the Mumbai-Goa highway, with pretty houses and a weekly market. We will be immersed in a town planning exercise on the trip where we'll create an experience though installation art, coming together with locals and our co-travellers to almost literally “paint the town red”!

Meet your host

Sanskar is a Mumbai-based designer & installation artist. He has been travelling to "places less visited" and painting murals for schools, homestays and cafes in exchange for a memorable experience. He fell in love with this lifestyle where he could go places, live with the locals, see India from the local perspective, learn different languages and drool over the varied cuisine! Painting has allowed him to manage his life on the road while indulging in his passion. Over time, this journey became a public art project that he named Pastels Of India. He also started getting help from volunteers across the country and considers Pastels an opportunity for the development of Indian art and tourism. The love for larger-than-life art and working on different canvases also inspired Sanskar to launch a space design studio called Bacon and Eggs a few years ago.

Sanskar Sawant

Bacon & Eggs Studio, Pastels of India

Trip Highlights

What makes this trip different!

We'll be painting boats and installing them at the entrance of the village as a "Welcome" piece of art. The design on the boat will be a contemporary reflection of the vibe of the village so it looks like a part of it! 

We will have a live mural painting workshop at the beach where the fishermen stack their goods. It will be a collective impression of the village by the participants, done after some research and documentation of the place on the first day of the trip! 

We will collect sea shells and pebbles from the area and have a session of making our own ornaments & accessories. What better way to exercise the artistic side of our brains than making something pretty from whatever we find on the spot!  

We will stay with some lovely local hosts in their village homes, or even pitch tents at the beach for the night with a campfire, starry skies and live music for company. 

  • Mike Norton / Flickr

We'll be eating what the local fishermen families make and eat all day, everyday! The perfect way to be immersed in local culture- through their cuisine. 


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