• Island of the Gods

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    May, 2019

  • Trip Length

    8 Days

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    Bali, Indonesia

Meet your ‘Self’ in a whole new way! Bali is one of the 12 sacred sites of Mother Earth. It’s where they say the energy of the planet gets cleaned - the world’s Purification Center! We’re going on a fantastic journey outside and also inwards as we visit stunning temples in the powerful natural surroundings, take part in sound meditation at the Pyramids of Chi & Yoga Barn, understand ourselves better through life coaching and Human Design, experience Shamanic Breathwork and other healing practices - all this apart from yoga, dancing, massages and touring the island! We’ll be staying in a beautiful place that helps us look within without bustle, and eat amazing organic food to round off the path to personal growth.

Meet your host

Ajay has managed to squeeze quite a bit of life into his life. He’s worked in ad film production, the stock market, studied Investment Banking in the UK, worked in portfolio management, at Blue Frog Music, organized music festivals, been a DJ (Orbs & Zen), managed a hotel in the Andamans, started an internet marketing company, led workshops in manifestation, started a Yoga school and travelled the world studying Buddhism, Yoga, farming, shamanism, & meditation.  

He wants to hear your story and share his own - what he’s learned, what’s worked, what hasn’t - so that others may have a smoother and more enjoyable ride on this big ol’ rock hurtling through the universe that we’re all hitchhiking on!

Ajay Makhija

Yoga Instructor, Life Coach

Trip Highlights

What makes this trip different!

The stay has been chosen carefully by us since we're spending a week there doing significant activities! It is an epic example of Balinese courtyard style design, merging natural elements into the living environment. Tropical plants, bamboo trees, colorful flowers surrounding cute Balinese joglos are the order of the day. 

Flickr.com / Selamat Made

Bali is a fabulous mix of traditional Hindu and Buddhist customs, beautiful terrain and the modern beach lifestyle. We will be experiencing enough of all of them!

All the different structures in Bali offer a diverse array of natural building mixed with ingenious architecture. Check out the Bamboo Green School for an idea of what we're talking about..

  • Flickr.com / Forgemind Archimedia

The temples on the island look positively Mayan, and the Balinese community has maintained their sacred history through ceremonial offerings and customs- which we will get to experience! All this in the backdrop of a loving, raw and powerful natural setting.

It’s only when we're silent that we can really hear. Through active & passive sessions like Tibetan bowl, gong and regular meditation, we’ll explore the beauty of dropping into stillness, achieveing true relaxation and listening into our hearts.

We are all shamans, we just don't know it yet! Working with breath, the energy of the island, and the many, many beings there, we will explore our connection to our Inner Nature through Outer Nature. The shamanic practice is one of the most powerful experiences one can have.

Imagine taking stock of your life, where you want to go, and learning some epic tools that will help you to get there: all in a beautiful green setting. That's what we're going to do and in a fun, relaxed and memorable way! No boring classroom-type sessions for us. 

This session is about energy systems and how to change perspective, switch out beliefs, build confidence, gain clarity and be truer to who we are! A beautiful, intriguing practice that combines astrology and the I'Ching, and that Ajay is an expert at. 

Bali and particularly Ubud is home to a progressive array of places that combine Ayurveda, Organic food, Plant-based & Mindful food with the best cooking techniques. Every lunch and dinner will be at a dfferent restaurant with its own special take, so this trip is going to be a true delight for everyone, no matter what they like to eat!

  • Flickr.com / Lavinia Elysia

  • Flickr.com / Julian Lim

The whole point of connecting with our Inner Selves is so we can make the most of our Outer Lives! We'll take in the lively side of the island too, visiting some of the stunning clubs and beaches, community events and fantastic shopping that's out there.

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