• Don't Worry Be Hampi

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    25 Jan, 2019

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    3 Days

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    Hampi, Karnataka

Set your own pace as you explore Hampi like a hippie, with yoga, temples and adventure thrown into the mix! Hampi is a quaint little land open to interpretation. A king saw it as the perfect seat for his empire and built beautiful monuments here. A small band of travellers felt its positive vibes and created their own little hippie microcosm. An adventure-junkie scaled its mammoth boulders and claimed it to be one of the world’s foremost bouldering sites. We bring them all together in a laidback journey of exploration – White Collar Hippie style!

Meet your host

Our Alpha Mike Foxtrot (military slang for Adios, motherf*****s!) program is the best job in the world: 3 hosts travel for 6 months straight! 

Chief Foxtrot reporting for duty on this trip! Happy-go-lucky and always eager to help, we think Foxtrot is an excellent travel companion. A sneak-peak at classified documents tells us that this chief has an eagle eye and is always taking photographs – nothing escapes Foxtrot’s attention.

Chief Foxtrot

Trip Highlights


Glorious temples rise out of the earth, remnants of a once powerful empire. We’ll visit the historical district, which includes the Vijaya Vittala and Hazar Ram temples, and make the trek up to Monkey Temple too. And because every well-rounded cultural experience must include food, we’ll dig into a delicious, home-cooked Carnatic feast at Anegundi!


You will learn how to boulder like a pro, cycle down charming alleys, do a cannonball into the lake, set up camp around a blazing bonfire, ride a coracle across the river, practice yoga and meditate on top of a hill as the sun rises, with plenty of time left over to do nothing at all.


We’re going to be channelling the spirit of all those early travellers who injected Hampi with a happy, hippie vibe. There’s just enough on the agenda, so you have time to do your own thing too – sign up for a course, shoot the breeze with fellow travellers, gaze at the stars or relax with your favourite book. The choice is yours! 


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