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  • Bring it on, Ceylon!

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    26 Feb, 2019

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    7 Days

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    Sri Lanka

We’re heading to the land of Ravana to hit the beaches, trek, and chill! From hiking up one of the famous Rocks of Sri Lanka, to learning to ride the waves and exploring plantations in a forest.. we’re going all the way, backpacking through the country and getting into its culture, cuisine, and people! We’ll stay in fun hostels and meet travellers from around the world, eat meals at restaurants curated by us, be a part of the nightlife in a beach town, spend days surfing, walk around the quaint old lanes of Galle, and do a bunch of other interesting activities. We’ll see sri Lanka like the locals do, and have a kick-ass time doing it!

Meet your host

Our Alpha Mike Foxtrot (military slang for Adios, motherf*****s!) program is the best job in the world: 3 hosts travel for 6 months straight! 

Chief Foxtrot reporting for duty on this trip! Happy-go-lucky and always eager to help, we think Foxtrot is an excellent travel companion. A sneak-peak at classified documents tells us that this chief has an eagle eye and is always taking photographs – nothing escapes Foxtrot’s attention.

Chief Foxtrot

Trip Highlights

What makes this trip different!

We're going to stay in fun hostels and hotels that are an experience in themselves! We'll share rooms and bond with our fellow travellers. 

We're going to be surfing across the trip and different beaches to really get a hang of the sport. Its a party in the water with instructors, fellow travellers, bright mornings or sunset scenes all amid the waves!

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  • Flickr / Dennis Binzen

  • Karan Talchi

Sigirya rocks! The Lion Rock is one of Ceylon'smost famous landmarks and we'll be climbing it to soak in the amazing sunrise and view from the top, that needs to be seen to be believed. Plus we'll get to spend some time in nature, away from city bustle.

  • Unsplash / Sander Don

We'll be going to the amazing Sinharaja National Park and walking through its trails and paths. This dense region is lush with greenery and tropical life. We'll also explore a tea plantation in the Reserve and have a meal there!

Flickr / Dan Lundberg

Every meal we have will be memorable - at places curated lovingly by us! We'll eat all kinds of local and international food Sri Lanka offers, and there is something yum for everyone. And at night, we'll chill at beach bars or party it up at local pubs with some drinks and dancing! 

  • Karan Talchi

  • Facebook / Aarti Subhedar

We have lots of time at the beach where we'll hang, chill, do some watersports and generally unwind from our hectic lives back home. We'll get to really soaking in the island's beach lifestyle - what's better than days in the water and nights in beach bars, getting a few drinks! 

For more sea-y stuff, we'll alsobe gong whalewatching one morning. 

  • Facebook / Aarti Subhedar

  • Unsplash / Henriette Welz

  • Karan Talchi

We'll go to Galle and spend time at the fort and in its quaint lanes. There's nothing quite like this tiny area of Ceylon that brings old-word charm. We'll watch the sunset from one of its cafes and have a lovely dinner there too. 

  • Facebook / Aarti Subhedar

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