• Begin Again in Benares

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    18 Oct, 2018

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The city that worships taboos, life and death lures us during one of the biggest celebrations of the year! There are only a handful of places that have managed to hold on to their old-world charm and mystique. One of them is Varanasi, and White Collar Hippie is travelling this Dusshera to get up close and personal with this colourful city. We’re intrigued by the cycle of life and death that plays itself out with such unabashed abandon here. So we’ll “begin again” by exploring the world-famous ghats, and ancient pathways to the temples and mosques of Hindus & Muslims. We explore local delicacies and hidden alleys that tell their own story. We’ll go to the famous university, and site of Sarnath. And then, we’ll dig deeper to learn about the unique traditions of the sadhus, especially the aghoris by visiting them at night! We’ll celebrate Dusshera the way it’s meant to be celebrated – in a mystical, religious, beautiful Indian city full of culture.

Meet your host

Our Alpha Mike Foxtrot (military slang for Adios, motherf*****s!) program is the best job in the world: 3 hosts travel for 6 months straight! 

Chief Foxtrot reporting for duty on this trip! Happy-go-lucky and always eager to help, we think Foxtrot is an excellent travel companion. A sneak-peak at classified documents tells us that this chief has an eagle eye and is always taking photographs – nothing escapes Foxtrot’s attention.

Chief Foxtrot

Trip Highlights

What makes this trip different!

Kashi is known as the the city of light, where we will walk the city centre through old paths to temples and mosques, and observe traditional rites like the cremation rituals of the burning ghat. We’ll look for the foundations of the city as we explore this place of Shiva!

We wake up before the sun and go on an early morning boatride up the river, the best way to experience the city as the locals will tell you! We will be filled with local stories, do a small lamp-ritual on the river, and look at a hidden sun temple. 

(flickr.com/ Aravindan Ganesan) 

Varanasi is also known as 'Mahasamstana', the great cremation ground of Shiva. We will go from the land of the living to the house of the dying and on the way, meet some flesh-eating Aghori sadhus! To make things interesting we will do this walk at night, ending it with a late ritual worship of the Goddess of Sorrows. 

What's better than being on a boat in Benares in the morning? Being on a boat for a Yoga session at sunrise! This experience is going to be as memorable as it is relaxing. 

Our guesthouse situated right next to Assi Ghat, on the riverbank. It is a beautifully done up space with panoramic view of the ghats and a calm, spiritual vibe. It also has an organic cafe, yoga classes and a library full of books on spirituality and more!  

Varanasi may be one of the oldest places in India, but with its influx of travellers from over the world, it has a mix of cuisines ranging from Japanese to Italian to delicious local food. We have curated our itinerary so that we explore what this city offers, in every meal!


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