What is a Host - Led Trip?

White Collar Hippie is curating travel experiences made amazing by unique hosts.

These trips are a way to see a place through the host's eyes, where travellers are influenced by the host's passions. They go on a journey with like-minded or different kinds of people and bond on common interests or shared experiences. A host get to meet new people, experience different cultures, and share their interests. A host-led trip can be around a favourite destination, a skill or expertise, or a specific experience.

Who can be a host

  • CHEF

A person who has passion for an activity or destination and wants to share it with others.


Anyone who wants to make money from their lifestyle or interests, or is looking to build their personal brand.


Someone who wants to grow their tribe and meet interesting people.

Why should you become a host?

Share your awesomeness with the world

We know you've got hidden talents and skills. Share them with interested travellers through your trips.

There's plenty in it for you

You get to interact with amazing people you wouldn't otherwise meet.

It pays

You can make money by hosting trips – so you're adding to your revenue stream while doing what you love!

Build your brand

Build your personal brand by showcasing your interests and expertise on your trips.

To make it easy for you, this is what we'll do:

Provide all the tools you need

Our portal has all the resources that make creating, planning and promoting a trip super easy.

Help you reach the right people

We're constantly building our audience to showcase hosts and their trips – to travellers who want the kind of experiences you, as a host, provide.

You're the boss!

As a host, you make all the decisions – where, when, how, trip price, group size and promotion plans. We'll be here to guide you when required.


Earn money leading people on activities you love.


Sign up as a host

Learn about the trip and get verified to become a host and lead trips.


Create trips and tell the world

Pitch your ideas, design your trips and promote them to your audience.


Lead the trip

Execute the trip and lead your group of travellers to amazing experiences.


Nope. Anyone can host a trip on White Collar Hippie once you're verified by us. What's important is that you have the ability to be a great host, and you have skills or interests that bring something new and exciting to your trips.

This is a four-step process.

  1. A legal ID verification
  2. A thorough verification of the host application, which considers experiences, expertise, hosting ability, safety and crisis management, and general personality
  3. Verification of the proposed trip concept, which is manually researched and verified by our travel expert team
  4. After approval of trip concept, we do a careful screening of all the trip details, from stay and meals to experiences and activities. We want to make sure it's a safe and fun trip that offers something different.

Yes, there are times when we'll ask you for certifications and licenses.
These include:

  1. If you are going to teach a skill or make travellers do a course that requires a certification
  2. If your plan includes anything that requires a safety license
  3. If any experiences you want to include need a business license

You will be responsible for keeping all certifications and licenses up-to-date as required in the location of your trip.

You can have as many (or as few) trips as you'd like! We have people who host trips once a year, and some more than once a month. As long as you have the time to commit – you will be leading all trips you post, not a nominee!

We'll provide the support to make your trip idea as amazing as it can be.

  1. Guidance on how to design a trip, like leveraging your expertise to design a great trip, how to pick stay options, planning internal travel, and how to price your trip and so on.
  2. Tools for back-end trip management such as building the trip itinerary, trip listing, data management, and communication management.
  3. Tools to build your host profile such as reviews, photos, links to past and upcoming trips, etc.
  4. Trip promotion guidance and collateral design support.
  5. Most importantly, we promote your trip to our entire database across all our channels!

Yes, you can. Your co-host(s) will also need to be verified by us

From applying to be a host to verification and approval, the process takes about two weeks to complete.