LADAKH – Long and Winding Journey

A road journey to explore the magnificence of the cold desert, mountains and
per person
Surfs Up

Surf’s Up @ Namaloha

Enjoy the waves of Manipal as you Surf and camp with us at
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holy mackerel

Holy Mackarel

A food trail through Malwan to experience its culture, people and tastes!
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Windrush Rising

Trek, cycle, paraglide through Mcleodganj- Bir, Billing to experience the culture and people
per person

The Great Karnataka Journey

A journey through the land of Karnataka to explore some bouldering ruins, rainforests
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Explore Hampi

Don’t Worry be Hampi

Boulder, cycle, yoga, swim in lakes or laze through the afternoon having conversations
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Ride Into The White

A journey through the landscape of Kutch to discover its ruins, history, wildlife
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Nariyal Paani

Music. Sand. Sea. Camping. You. Music festivals are a perfect excuse to travel,
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Mountain Soup For The Soul

Discover the rhythm of the mountains and synergy within as you trek, camp,
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