Music. Sand. Sea. Camping. You.

Music festivals are a perfect excuse to travel, discover a new place, meet new people, explore new sounds and reconnect with the outdoors. Like gypsies, we travel from festival to festival, campsite in tow, setting up our home under the stars. This January, White Collar Hippie collaborates with Nariyal Paani, a quaint indie music festival in Alibaug, right by the beach; to create weekend camp homes for all those who are attending the festival.

This time around, we pitch our tents right next to the festival grounds to ensure you have the best immersive experience while at Nariyal Paani. Curl up on a hammock with your favorite book or go for a refreshing dip in the sea. Strum the guitar on a lazy afternoon or explore this coastal village on foot. While evenings are for music, fun and meeting fellow festival goers, you can choose to indulge in workshops, go exploring with your peeps or catch up on some sleep during the day. Cause as they say- A party never stops at a White Collar Hippie campsite!

Created with love, with great detail to aesthetics and functionality, you can keep all your camping woes at bay when you camp with us. Other than comfortable tents, your own camping kits and a sleeping bag, you are in for barbecue sessions, bonfire nights, and leisure zones to ensure you do your thing. If sanitation and hygiene are the only reasons for your camping phobia, our clean loos and bathrooms, 24 hour cleaning staff and separate cubicles for male and female will all immediately put you at ease!

If you are a lover of music, people and absolutely love the sea, this is where you should be. To book your spot, get more details or clarify your doubts/queries feel free to contact us on +91 9930260748/ +91 9820644720 or email on