Walk. Smile at the view. Close your eyes and follow your breath to the moment. Climb. Feel your heart beating in your ears. Breathe. Drink in the beauty of the mountains. Stretch. Lay back and look up at the sky. Tell yourself you will get closer to it, in just a bit. Welcome the butterflies that just invaded your belly. Someone waits for you at the top – a brand new you. A spectacular view. And hot soup :)

Mountain Soup for the Soul is a trip planned to take you on a journey within by coupling the bliss of yoga with the tranquility of the mountains. Discover how asanas, pranayama and mudras can broaden your awareness of your body and it’s unique ways, tuning you to gracefully acclimatise through your climb to the top. Shrutika Rao who has whipped up a nourishing yoga routine, believes that this combination has transformational value – the climbing makes for fantastic cardio, the stretching releases necessary hormones and the pranayama alters your state of mind.

Relaxation is an art and in acute states of relaxation the mind becomes supple enough to accommodate contentment, read amazingness. Having been a professional dancer for 8 years, she believes that freedom lies in the body and in overcoming its limitations. A teacher’s training in Hatha Yoga, only proved this fact and took her back to the basics – ‘You don’t need to touch your toes or bend backwards to attain a sense of calm’.

Devote 6 days of your life to the beauty and peace at Triund, Tibetan culture and colourful markets at Mcleod Ganj, Paragliding above paddy fields of Bir and Exploring Tibetan-Israeili-European cuisine in quaint open air cafes at Dharamkot. Fall in love with crisp early mornings and ginger lemon honey tea. Sunrise and sunset yoga, health friendly food, mountain climbing with pranayama, camp fires, meditation and the heart warming vibrations of Monks and backpackers from all over the world.

This trip has a fresh start written all over it. So if you’ve been craving change, really need a break, or are tired of seeing your days play on loop, Mountain Soup for the Soul should help. So join in if you’re looking for enlightenment. Just kidding! All we can promise is a mountain spiked, health infused, toothy grin on your return.

Dates :

  • 27th May to 4th June
  • 30th May to 4th June

Fascinated already? Book your spots by writing to us at travel@whitecollarhippie.com or call us on 09930260747 to know more!