Running through valleys, lakes hidden amidst mountains, tranquil sounds of chants and gongs. A chill in the air and a smile on your face :)

A trek through the beautiful mountains and staying with the Ladakhis in their quaint villages is a must. This one is really special as we stay a night in a Yuretse A.K.A “One Home Village” when we trek to the gorgeous Hemis National Park to Markha Valley. This challenging trek also takes us through Gandha La, which is a pass at the height of 4900 Mts. the Last day of the trek ends with us rafting Zanskar all the way to Nemo.

Also our route from Leh to Pangong on to Hunder and back to Leh is a newly opened and little known road to Nubra as we drive along the Shyok River all the way to the spectacular setting of the cold sand dunes in Hunder. We return to Leh via the worlds highest motorable road only too be greeted by cycles on the top and we ride down the remaining 40 km stretch which is surely going to be the highlight of your trip.

Chapter 1 - Road to Leh - The Introduction.

There is no better to way to travel and experience the region than by taking a road trip to Leh! We'll depart from Delhi by road and stop over at Manali and Jispa to take in the changing landscape and acclimatise to higher grounds. Many consider this to be one of the best drives in the world. And we could not agree more!

Chapter 2 - Land and its people - The culmination.

No journey to Ladakh is complete without a visit to Pangong Tso. Nestled amidst towering mountains till as far as the eye can see, immerse yourself in the serenity of this glorious lake.

All of the above will be done against a backdrop of monasteries and monks. We will visit several monasteries throughout the journey and will also pay a visit to the 100 ft. tall sitting Buddha statue.

Chapter 3 – Trekking With The Locals

Continue with a three day trek to Markha Valley staying as a local villager in the mountains. On the first night, we camp at The One Home Village at Yurutse- the with splendid views of mighty mountains and wildlife around with animals like Chiru, Tibetan Gazelles and Blue sheep. The next night we camp at Skiu that boasts of a 11th century monastery. Your stay would be in tents by the bonfire and not to forget- a blanket of unlimited stars!!

At the end of the trek, you will be driven to Chiling where you hop back into the rafts and travel to Leh through the Zanskar River.

Chapter 4 - Adventure Spa - The plot thickens.

This would begin the journey to Nubra valley - designed exclusively by White Collar Hippie.
Our destination is Hundar Village in Nubra Valley and our journey there is unique to say the least. We'll drive out from Leh to a point on the Shyok river, here we will suit up, hop in to rafts & navigate the rapids of this chilly river. After a few hours, we'll jump out of our rafts and let the indigenous double humped camel take us to our camp for the night in Hundar Village.

On our way back from Nubra we will have professional mountain bikes waiting for us at K Top. At 18,380 feet this is the world’s highest motorable road and yes you will cycle from here all the way down to Leh.

Chapter 5 – The Final Chapter

We assure you, you’ll feel half Ladakhi by the time you’re done! But if you feel like you haven’t quite had enough yet, we can also offer you trip extensions where you could drive towards Manali and visit Tso Moriri en route OR head towards Srinagar stopping over at Lamayuru aka Moon Land :)

This year, we'll be having several editions of this trip.

Ladakh: The Long And Winding Road
Long Journey (12 days): (Starts in Delhi, Ends in Srinagar)

  • June: 7th to 18th
  • July: 5th to 16th
  • August: 9th to 20th
  • August: 15th to 26th
  • September: 6th to 17th

Short Journey (9 days): (Starts in Leh and ends in Srinagar)

  • June: 10th to 18th
  • July: 8th to 16th
  • August: 12th to 20th
  • August: 18th to 26th
  • September: 9th to 17th

Ladakh: The Journey To T he One Home Village
Long Journey (12 days): (Starts in Delhi, Ends in Leh)

  • June: 21st to July 2nd.
  • July: 19th to 30th.
  • August: 9th to 20th.
  • September 21st to 2nd October

Short Journey (9 days): (Starts and ends in Leh)

  • June: 24th to July 2nd.
  • July: 22nd to 30th.
  • August: 12th to 20th.
  • September 24th to 2nd October

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