Region : Dry, arid, brown
Things to do : Meditation and Bouldering
Reaction : “Wow! How can this be real?”

Region : Forest – Lush, dense, green, wet
Things to do : Wildlife safari and chillin’ in the woods
Reaction : “Hey! What’s that? I see something moving”

Region : Calm, humid, empty, happy
Things to do : Surf the waves, chill on an empty beach, eat yummy food and stay at our campsite!
Reaction : “This is the life! I could get used to this”

3 completely different activities in 3 completely different terrains and you don’t need to travel the world for it!

Through our Great Karnataka Journey, we’ll explore these diverse terrains and all the stories that they have to tell us, through the best way to enjoy each!

Hampi is a land that has historically lent itself various interpretations. A king once saw it as the skeleton to build the most beautiful empire on. An adventure junkie from a land far away climbed the mammoth boulders and decided to proclaim it as one of the world’s foremost bouldering sites! A little band of travellers discovered India’s little secret and settled there, creating their own little alternative hippie culture. This place, with a history of interpretation, makes for the perfect backdrop for photography, where each person expresses themselves uniquely through their own version of what they see!

From parched boulders to a dense forest. We’ll explore the forest is through safaris, both on land and water and scope out every bit of life you can find. At Bhadra Wildlife Reserve, we’ll do exactly that! We’ll then trek a waterfall, in Agumbe, ‘The Cherapunji of the South’ and enjoy the spoils of all that rainfall!

Our last stop will be the roaring ocean on an empty pristine beach in the sleepy village of Kodi Bengre. With White Collar Hippie’s very own permanent campsite, sandwiched between the sea and the calm of the backwaters, hammocks swaying in the wind, a bonfire under the stars and our friends at The Shaka Surf Club teaching us how to ride the perfect wave, there’s no way we’ll leave without making best friends with The Mighty Big Blue!


  • October 7th to 12th
  • November 11th to 16th
  • December 21st to 26th
  • January 26th to 31th

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