Backpack your way through 2016


A new year is a time for new resolutions, and if your resolution is to give in to wanderlust, it’s time to get packing and start moving. Pick a place and make good on that resolution before it gets tucked away with all the other unfulfilled ones.

While travelling can be a life-changing experience, you also want it to be enjoyable. Imagine hiking up a hill and reaching a beautiful, serene location, only to be too exhausted from carrying a heavy backpack to soak in its beauty. That is why it is important to pack light and pack right.

It all begins with choosing the right backpack. If you plan to walk long distances with that backpack on your shoulders, you want to make sure it is comfortable. A backpack with an internal frame would support your shoulders well and make that walk a little less difficult. A backpack with hip straps and thickly padded shoulder straps would divide the weight well across your back and be your best bet.

The second part is packing everything you need. If you are a budget traveller, you want to carry as much as you can with you so to avoid spending too much. However, keep in mind that the backpack is going to be a burden, and it should ideally weigh less than 30 per cent of your body weight. So before you stuff that backpack with your favourites, lay out everything you need and discard as much as you can. Remember; less is more.

A lot of your packing will depend on where you plan to stay. If camping under the stars is what you have mind, you might want to pick a place that provides you with a tent, or carry one yourself. If you are staying at a hostel, skip the camping gear altogether. Avoid carrying too much clothing; it will only take up more space. Check the weather of the place you are travelling to and carry the right kind of clothing. Shorts won’t work on snowy mountains, just as a thick, heavy coat won’t be of any use in hot, arid regions.

Remember to pack the toiletries you need. Carry a multi-utility tool like a Swiss army knife; you never know when it might come in handy. If you are taking a trip without your smartphone, carry a compass, map and flashlight. You can also carry light snacks, especially if you plan to spend hours away from civilisation.

It is important to get the right footwear too. Check the terrain of the place and get the right shoes for it. A comfortable pair of boots can also make the daunting walk a little less painful.

You are setting off on a journey that is supposed to be beautiful and breath-taking, not tiring or back-breaking. Pack light, pack right and you will find that your journey can be truly magical. So get started on that resolution; you already know how to pack for it!



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June 6, 2016
Looks awesome. Waiting for my backpacking time :)

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