Vikrant Chheda

His photography is so beautiful, he won’t let anyone see it; he does his best mountaineering in flip-flops; he travels largely without any reservations; and he’s formally opposed to shaving.  

In many ways he represents the kaleidoscopic-colored mountains he loves so much: flamboyant and calm, opinionated and quiet, spiritual and silly, sometimes difficult, but always ready for the next hill.  There are so many sides to Vikrant’s personality, that there’s something for everybody.  And he wants White Collar Hippie to be just that – all things to all people:  a fantastic voyage, a community resource, a way to meet friends, a share-space for ideas, a new way to experience music, a living laboratory on wheels.

For him traveling is all about the uncharted experiences (though a beautiful destination won’t hurt). His credo is simple: A tourist sees what he came to see; a traveler sees what he sees.

PS: He is 27. ALL THE TIME!


The mother at work, this theatrical Tamilian is often found rolling her eyes, throwing feminist statements or just searching for food. She vows by her vegetarianism and Sufi music. You give her rice, she will be nice with spice. A lover of dogs, journeys and all things classic, she tries to juggle theater and White Collar Hippie, and we would like to believe she does. Brimming with content and vicious energy, this crazy trip leader often needs tranquilizer shots!

PS: She is freakishly bendy- trust us!


The Hobo amongst us is Prince Varma. No one, trust us no one knows why he is called that-neither does he! Perpetually hungry, confused and hungover, his metabolism runs wild and lose. When he is not in office doing his graphic thing, he is busy finding a rock to snuggle under. Graphic designer by week and campsite errand boy by weekend, his speed will put Flash to shame!

PS: Try understanding his sentence construction at one go and we will give you a blueberry cheese cake to feast on!


The dreamer amongst us in Dhanush Nair. The nervous lad is often seen singing, cracking silly jokes or immersing himself in his one true love- Computers. An animation artist by education, Dhanush aces campsites just as he aces his camera or video games. When he is not dabbling White Collar Hippie and making short films, he is found in the kitchen, trying to rake up magic on the palate!

P.S: He can often be creepily sweet- Engage at your own risk! *Just Kidding*